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What happens when I go for a consultation by phone or an online Zoom?

A detailed questionnaire is completed by you which looks at your previous history and past family history, current complaints and symptoms, medications, diet, mood, lifestyle and stress levels. Each question can be compared to a jigsaw giving a comprehensive picture of the patient’s health.

The consultation is broken into 3 parts 

  • Compiling a picture of the patient’s health. Several questions may be asked in addition to the information given in the questionnaire. Health of skin, hair and nails, colour of tongue and general demeanour may be noted. Information is gathered in a thorough fashion.
  • Analysing of the relevant nuggets of information obtained and the designing of a Naturopathic Programme.

Giving the information to the patient. A Naturopath is primarily a teacher. A personalised programme (including herbal tincture/supplements if recommended) is prepared for you and explained.  A probiotic is often advised and diet and lifestyle changes are sometimes suggested in designing a naturopathic healing programme aiming to give you the best and speediest improvement in health. Your herbs / supplements can be purchased at the clinic or online in our online shop where they can be collected or sent out by courier.

Is the service an alternative to conventional medicine?

No, we are a complementary medicine practice. We work in conjunction with the advice of your doctor.  In fact, often GPs send patients to the clinic.

What if I occasionally forget to take the herbs?

While it is preferable that you take the herbs as directed, this is not a problem and it will not overly affect your treatment.

How much does an average visit cost?

Naturopathic Consultation – 80 euro

Fertility Consultation – 120 euro

Herbal tincture (for 3 weeks) – 38 euro

Probiotic – 15 euro

Can I order more herbs etc. without attending for an appointment?

Yes, you can order on our online shop at

Choose the Personalised Herbal Tonic and a repeat of your tonic will be made up for you.

What happens if I need to ask questions about the consultation?

You are welcome to call or Email the clinic with your queries – but please be patient – as the clinic can be very busy. However, Email is preferable

Can I buy herbs without having to have an appointment?

Not usually, as each person is unique and requires a different mix chosen from over 200 herbs. However, sometimes, a short consultation for simple complaints can take place over the phone or Zoom e.g. sleep herbs 

If the case is complicated or hormone related, a full consultation is always recommended.

“I came so that you may have life and have it to the full.“

- John 10:10

“He breathed into him the Breath of Life“

- Gen 2:7

“For if you have faith even as small as a tiny mustard seed, you could say to the mountain ‘move’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible to God.“

- Matt 17:20

"There is a right time for everything, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to laugh... a time to dance..."

- Eccl 2:4

"Ask and you will be given what you ask for, seek and you will find"

- Matt 7:7

"Is anyone sick? He should call for the elders of the church and they should pray over him and pour a little oil upon him and call on the Lord to heal him."

- James 5:14


Please click on BOOK NOW to make an appointment. A consultation sheet and/or a Zoom link will be sent to you on your confirmation email (Please check spam/junk folder). All consultations are prepay prior to your appointment. Full refunds are available if cancellations are within 48 hours of appointment.