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Breath of Life oil is recommended for a wide variety of complaints.

In Ayurveda (Indian) medicine, it is customary to use many varieties of oil, applied to the skin to keep the body healthy.

Breath of Life oil contains a combination of essential oils in a base of grape seed oil.  All of the following conditions have been tried, tested and have shown very positive results.

In one case in ‘St. Francis Hospice’ up to 25 conventional creams and powders had been used for an infected, inflamed, burning, very itchy and irritating cancerous rash of the breast and chest. Immediate relief was obtained in this 80 year old lady. With one application, the rash improved greatly and she had the added benefit of being able to sleep peacefully. With several applications, the rash faded completely relieving all the irritating symptoms. We are not suggesting that the oil healed the cancer but it certainly improved the quality of this patient’s life.

This beautiful scented oil is absorbed through the skin and is carried in the blood stream. It seems to have a good effect on many systems in the body, aids healing at a deep level and raises the spirits.

Recommended for;

Maintenance of health

General aches and pains

Dry skin



Stiff joints

Period pain

Urinary problems

Recurrent infections

Repeated cold




Infected, inflamed skin





Low mood

Boosts general well being

As an addition in Detox programmes

As a support in cancer treatments