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It is my belief that modern man/woman…often unknowingly, ill-treat their bodies and therefore help to precipitate many of our current illnesses.

In a recent survey, three out of four people admitted to feeling unwell or not getting the most from their lives.

The following are examples of modern life which take their toll on health;

·          Spending long periods sitting behind a desk, commuting in cars, buses etc.

·          Using leisure time indoors, therefore missing out on daylight…..sunlight is a great source of vitamin D.

·          Getting little fresh air and outdoor exercise instead of indoor.

·          Bombarding our environment with traffic noise, loud music, computers, television, electronic games etc.

·          Eating too much processed foods

The day is well gone when man walked barefoot in all the elements while he gathered food requirements, but we have paid the price with sluggish bodies, fatigue and multiple illnesses which are easy preventable.

By taking some exercise 2/3 times a week you can greatly assist your body’s recovery to full health.  Exercise benefits the body, mind and spirit.



·          Improves the circulation of the blood to every cell of the body.

·          Enhances the efficiency of each organ, especially the excretory organs.

·          Boosts the while cell count…..which strengthens the immune system.

·          Improves the body’s ability to handle stress and recovery from illness.

·          Brings a feeling of vitality and well-being and minimises stress.

·          Lifts the spirit and it is proven that regular exercise helps to overcome depression in more than 80% of cases.


What is best?

If you are medically unwell or unfit please check with your doctor before partaking of any new exercise.

To begin, walking is probably the best exercise.  Wear loose clothing and good supportive shoes.  Try 15 minutes a day first and gradually increase to about 30-40 minutes of brisk exercise 2/3 times a week. Remember, sudden bursts of activity will do more harm than good and can result in damaged muscles, torn ligaments, strained heart muscle etc.  Swimming is always a good all round aerobic exercise as several groups of muscles are used.  Running too is good, but you must wear proper footwear and where possible run on grass or sand….running on hard concrete can eventually damage joints.

Outdoor exercise has the added advantage of supplying fresh clean air…try to get out to the countryside or beach as much as possible…even if it is raining….wear good raingear.  In this way, you can appreciate the colours and shapes and sounds of nature, there is so much to marvel at and appreciate….and if you leave all of your negative thoughts at home you will benefit so much more!!

Roisin O’Kelly