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Human beings have relied on plants for healing, for thousands of years. There is scientific evidence that some herbs were used as far back as 4,000B.C. Yarrow, a popular herb, was found in a carving in the rock of a prehistoric tomb. Herbs are grown in the life giving soil of earth which links us with a vibrant healing source, which make and keep us healthy.

The Chinese take it a step further; they believe that we inherit a certain amount of life force, or pre heaven Qi, from our parents. This cannot be added to by means of a healthy diet, supplements or exercise. However, certain herbs, especially herbs such as Panex ginseng, can actually supply this vital essence if it is deficient, and hence improve our pre heaven Qi!

Post heaven Qi- our day to day energy, can be improved with a healthy lifestyle and diet, but if we have not inherited good health, or need a boost, then herbs are invaluable.

Drugs, being man made, do not have this essential life force, and while useful for acute, short term problems, they deplete the life force if taken for a long time. For example, a child having frequent antibiotics can be tired, sleep poorly and become more sensitive to infections.

One or two herbs taken for a common cold carry a life force that can relieve headache, improve sleep, lift the mood and boost the immune system. Herbs support vitality; even a few drops of the correct herb can have positive effects, not because they contain stimulating chemicals but because they contain natural, nourishing, safe and energetic substances.

Taking herbal medicine can be compared to ingestion of very nutritive soups, containing vegetables, parsley, thyme, rosemary, garlic etc. In Kirlian photography, herbs have an emanating life force.

When we take the herb, this life force works to improve whatever area of the body is weak, malnourished or diseased. In a personally tailored formula, where 8-25  herbs are given, the results can be dramatic.

The life force can be fully recharged and the person can enjoy life again.


Directions for use:

5mls or 1 teaspoon added to 1/3 cup of recently boiled water (but not boiling). Wait 5 minutes for some of the alcohol to evaporate. Try to take the herb slowly, sipping over a few minutes, noticing the taste. Depending on your condition, your formula may be a little bitter but you get used to it after a few days.

Children usually find the herbs bitter so it is best to start on half the dose and work the dosage up gradually.

At a consultation in Breath of life, personalised herbs can be prescribed depending on current symptoms, either physical or emotional.