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  1. Juicing is a simple way to include high quality green veg in the everyday diet in an easy absorbable form.
  2. Other highly nutritious veg, herbs, wheatgrass and fruits, can also be included.
  3. Juicing is a great start to the day giving immediate energy and vitality.
  4. Breath of Life finds it particularly suitable for any chronic illness/conditions i.e. cancer, M.E., infertility, skin problems, and exhaustion.
  5. Juicing takes only 10 – 12 minutes, a fantastic way to achieve some of your important 9 veg and fruit a day!
  6. Always aim for a masticating juicer which leaves most of the nutrients intact.

Roisin O’Kelly from Breath Of Life natural healing clinic in Dublin briefly demonstrates how to juice fruit & vegetables.