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Merlak is a good quality, strong probiotic which quickly helps to replace the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, particularly in the colon. This helps to build the Immune system and also boosts mood.

The modern typical Irish diet is high in yeast and sugar and on an everyday basis causes a low grade candidiasis.

Low energy, mood swings, anxiety, fungal rashes, PMT, poor sleep and many other symptoms are common and can make life pretty miserable.

The use of drugs, especially antibiotics, contraceptive pill and hormone replacement can reduce the beneficial bacteria which keeps us in good form and health.

People taking regular alcohol e.g. wine and beer also benefit greatly from probiotics. Merlak contains lactobacillus acidophilus and  is made in a laboratory in Cork and was developed there by a microbiologist.

Approx 75% of our gut bacteria is lactobacillus acidophilus so its important to keep levels up to a good level  It helps mental health according to recent research.

Candida is known as a modern illness. Our grand-parents ate a low yeast and sugar diet; Porridge, home made soups, wholesome dinners, soda bread and fruit and vegetables.

There is no doubt that avoiding all forms of yeast and sugar relieves Candida symptoms. However, most people find this type of diet very difficult. In Breath of Life, many patients find Merlak a God send, making life a lot easier!

Merlak may be taken, 10 drops twice daily on an empty stomach while following a normal dietor while avoiding yeast and sugar. The more severe the symptoms, the stricter the diet needs to be.

Merlak helps repair damage which may be partly caused by antibiotics. It can be necessary to take it for 4-6 weeks following prolonged antibiotics. There are no known side effects to date.

Some patients report less adverse side effects from alcohol if Merlak is taken before heading off for a night out!