Personalised Herbal Tonic (for clients that have had a Consultation)


Herbal Products are for Past/Current Clients ONLY. 

We would be delighted to supply herbal complexes for various conditions, tailored to your individual needs, following a consultation.

The personalised herbal complex is a formulation of up to 30 herbs that have been specially chosen for your particular conditions & symptoms.

If you have just had a first consultation we recommend you order 300ml – lasts 4-5 weeks.

If you take herbs on a regular basis then we recommend you order 500ml lasts 7+ weeks.

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Individual patients who have previously attended Breath of Life. If you have previously been a patient at Breath of Life, you can re-order the personalised herbal formula that was prescribed for you during your visit.

Irish current legislation does not permit the purchase of herbal complexes for individual use without having had a personal consultation with a qualified and registered practitioner of Herbal Medicine.  


Take 5mls (1 large teaspoon) in hot water. Allow to cool before drinking.

You may be required to take the herbs, 1-3 times per day depending on your current complaint.


50ml   (x1 week)

100ml (x1week -10days)

200ml (x3 weeks)

300ml (x4-5 weeks)

500ml (7+weeks)

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50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 300ml – Recommended for First Orders and Minimum for repeat hormonal tonics, 500ml – Best Value for Repeat Orders, 1Litre


This is my First Order, I have ordered Within the last 6 Months, I have ordered Within the last 6 – 12 Months, I have ordered Within the last 1 – 2 Years, I last ordered Over 2 Years ago. (A Short Consultation may be needed if you would like to reorder herbs)

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